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Arizona Homeowners with Home insurance coverage

Home InsuranceHome Insurance

Scarlet's Insurance Services, Inc.'s Home Insurance

As a homeowner or an aspiring homeowner, it is vital that you take up home insurance for your living space. A home insurance policy insures you against home-related hazards such as fire and burglary. The policy also covers any liability cases filed against you after an accident.

Home Insurance coverage options:

  • Personal property coverage - Hazards such as fire can damage your home’s personal property. Without a home insurance policy in place, it is difficult to recover financially from such an incidence. The personal property coverage option covers the costs incurred to replace the destroyed property.
  • Personal liability coverage - If you have guests or outsiders in your home at the time of the accident and they get injured, they can sue you for damages. This coverage option covers the legal fees and related costs when such a suit occurs.
  • Temporary living expenditures - If a hazard destroys your home, you might be compelled to seek a temporary residence. As such, you may incur additional living expenses before your home is repaired. With home insurance coverage in place, such additional expenses are accommodated.
  • Accrued medical expenses - If you are injured in a covered home accident, home insurance can cover the medical expenditures you may accrue while in the hospital. This way you can focus on recovery.
  • Physical home structure - In the event your house is destroyed, home insurance covers the costs of repairing your house.
  • Other people’s property - Sometimes, people’s property and belongings can be destroyed while at your home. Home insurance covers the costs to replace such property.

Home insurance coverage

Scarlet’s Insurance Services, Inc. offers home insurance coverage. Over the years we have worked to offer quality insurance solutions to our clients. Our home insurance coverage is flexible and designed to meet varying home insurance needs. Contact our offices to speak with an agent to learn more about your policy options and what each covers. Also try our QUOTE REQUEST tool to get a quote from the comfort of your home. We are excited to work with you and get you started!

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Flood InsuranceFlood Insurance

If you are looking to build a home, you should consider flood insurance for it. When floods occur, their effects are disastrous, and it is difficult to recover financially from them. A flood insurance policy seeks to bridge this financial gap by covering the costs caused by flood damage. However, it is vital to note that flood insurance covers the home's physical structure and not the land it sits on. Also, flood insurance is not included under the home insurance coverage options. As such, it is vital for homeowners to take up a separate flood insurance policy.

Flood Insurance Coverage Options

Here are some of Scarlet’s Insurance Services, Inc.'s flood insurance coverage options:

Personal Property Flood Insurance

This comes into play when floods destroy your personal belongings inside your house. Under this policy, personal belongings include electronic appliances, beddings, curtains, furniture, kitchenware, and any other loose property that has been destroyed. Flood insurance covers the cost of repairing appliances and replacing the ones damaged beyond repair.

Home Flood Insurance Coverage

This coverage option covers the physical structure of your home against flood damage. The coverage options also cover electrical and plumbing work in your home, including HVAC systems. Considering the devastating level of destruction floods cause, this is an invaluable coverage option to have for your home.

Why acquire Flood Insurance Coverage

Our flood insurance seeks to address flooding needs and damages. We have designed our coverage options with different limits to suit your preference. Also, we have competent insurance agents working with us to help educate you on the topics. They are happy to guide you through the available coverage options and advise you on the proper coverage to take.

Scarlet’s Insurance Services, Inc. is committed to offering ideal flood insurance solutions. Arizona may be dry but flooding occurs everywhere. Contact us today for more information and to receive a quote.