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Arizona Renters insurance coverage

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After settling on a rental space, you are quick to bring in your belongings and other valuables to make the space feel more like home. Rental insurance seeks to insure your belongings against unexpected damage and theft. Such spontaneous occurrences can set you back a great deal financially. At Scarlet’s Insurance Services, Inc. in Arizona, we offer renters insurance to cover you in case an unexpected hazard strikes.

Renters Insurance coverage options

At Scarlet’s Insurance Services, Inc., we offer the following coverage options under the renter's insurance policy:

  • Personal belongings policy - This option covers your clothes, electronics, and furniture against vandalism, fire or other kinds of damage. With this option in place, you can replace the damaged items with ease.
  • Liability coverage - If guests are injured in your rented space by an accident or hazard, this policy caters for their medical expenses and covers the legal costs arising in case you are sued. Hospital bills can drain you financially, which makes this coverage option a vital addition.
  • Extra living expenses - After a fire or weather incident, your house may be rendered uninhabitable for some time as repairs are carried out. During this period, this option covers the extra living expenses you will incur until you move back or to a new space.

Why you need renters insurance

  • Renters insurance affords you peace of mind knowing your valuables are covered in the event of a fire, vandalism, or accidental damage.
  • It protects you against personal liability if an accident occurs to your guests.
  • It offers you financial protection against spontaneous and unexpected expenses.

Renters Insurance

Scarlet’s Insurance Services, Inc. offers renters insurance solutions. We understand that people have different insurance situations and we have designed our renter's insurance policies to meet these needs. Our agents have vast knowledge in the insurance space and will walk you through a policy. Call us today for more information and a quote. We look forward to working with you.

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