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Arizona Umbrella insurance coverage

Umbrella InsuranceUmbrella Insurance

Taking up umbrella insurance guarantees you extra coverage in case you exhaust your other insurance policies. It protects you and your assets in case a lawsuit is filed against you, and you have exhausted your liability coverage. Scarlet’s Insurance Services, Inc. offers ideal umbrella insurance coverage in Arizona.

Why Umbrella Insurance is vital for you

It protects you against spontaneous lawsuits

Unexpected lawsuits can be expensive to handle, especially if the primary liability coverage options do not cover them. These suits may arise from incidences of slander and libel. In such situations, your umbrella insurance policy steps in to cover the legal expenses involved.

Extra home liability insurance

When a guest is injured on your property and sues you, your home insurance coverage will cover the legal expenses. However, in some instances, the legal expenses may exceed your home insurance limit if the case drags on for long. Umbrella insurance takes care of the extra legal expenses incurred.

Extra auto liability insurance

If you are involved in an auto litigation case after an accident, and your auto liability insurance is exhausted, umbrella insurance covers the extra cost.

Why you need umbrella insurance

With umbrella insurance, you can rest assured that in case your liability coverage options are exhausted; you can fall back on your umbrella insurance coverage.

Covers spontaneous legal suits

Spontaneous legal suits can eat up your finances. However, with an umbrella insurance coverage in place, such extra legal costs are covered.

Why choose our umbrella insurance coverage?

Flexible coverage

We understand that everyone’s insurance needs are different. Our umbrella insurance coverage is designed to meet varying preferences according to your limits. We also have experienced agents who will walk you through the policy.

Experienced agents

Our agents have worked in the insurance space for years now. As such, they can interrogate your insurance needs and recommend an appropriate cover.

At Scarlet’s Insurance Services, Inc., we are committed to offering quality insurance solutions. Visit our offices today to speak with our agents and get a quote. We look forward to hearing from you.